One Boss, Two Boss — Bad Boss, Good Boss (infographic)


With apologies to Dr. Suess. A little infographic about bad bosses and good ones. What makes a good boss. I’m not sure we all know the answer to that. It’s one of those, I’ll know it when I see it kinda things. There are a few sure signs of a bad one. Bullying, yelling, undermining… I could go on, but you get the picture. I think good ones are harder to identify because the traits of a really good boss affect you more long term. Supportive, your biggest fan, a coach, and a mentor. While these things might not affect your day-to-day performance directly, they provide for a growth-oriented workplace where you can feel creative and fulfilled.

Grab their Attention Before They Are Gone (Infographic)


Yes, it’s true, internet users have less attention span than a goldfish. That means your site needs to grab them in a literal blink of an eye. It needs to be attractive, not just in the sense of being pretty, but in the magnetic sense. It needs to pull them in. And it needs to load fast. All the bells and whistles in the world aren’t going to grab that user and convert them to a lead if they’ve already gone before the site loads. Remember, the entire rest of the internet (including your competitors) is just one click away.

Three Data Backed Risks of NOT Social Selling (Infographic)

A lot gets written about the risks and expenses related to social selling. Not enough gets written about the risks of not using social media as a way of targeted selling. Here’s a great infographic from Sales for Life showing some of the risks of not making social part of your marketing plan.


Why go Social (Infographic)

I’m a data guy. I trust data over opinions any day, even my own. So here’s some data. Hard facts to get you moving on social media, if you haven’t already.