Build It, They Won’t Come

I’m talking about websites.

As an interactive director and web designer/developer, I’ve been building websites for a long time. I first got involved with building websites in the ’90s. That’s practically the Jurassic Period of web development. Here’s the biggest change I’ve seen in that time; building a website back in the day, was an end to itself. It was a project that you could stamp, “FINISHED,” and then move on till something needed to be changed. New staff, new hours, whatever.

We used to think of a website like a bulletin board. You pinned up what you wanted people to know and left it hanging where they could see it. It was what it was till it needed to be something else. Today’s websites are a more like a phone call. A conversation between you and your customers/potential customers.Content change is one of the most important signals to search engines like Google that you are real and have a value to their users. That means you must constantly feed the beast.

That’s why how you manage your website is even more important than how you build it. Content Marketing is a buzzword you’ve probably already heard. Today all businesses are in the publishing business.

How are you keeping up?

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