Is Content Marketing The Biggest Threat To Content Marketing?

img-theodore-sturgeon_145852550837I am a big believer in Sturgeon’s Law.

Sturgeon’s law, is an adage commonly cited as “ninety percent of everything is crap.” It is derived from quotations by Theodore Sturgeon, an American science fiction author and critic.

I believe this particularly holds true for most of the content created under the heading of content marketing. Not mine, of course. Other stuff that’s, “out there.” You know… on the interwebs.

As businesses jump on the content marketing bandwagon and flood blogs, social media, and other venues with crap content; does that erode content marketing’s value to the consumer?

It must.

How will users/customers/prospects find the diamonds amongst the garbage? Separate the signal from the noise?

Technology clearly will play a part in this. Google and Facebook are both trying to improve their algorithms to make the content they serve more directly relevant based on what the customer has searched for or commented on in the past.

I believe that approach also has inherent risks, though. It risks trapping each user’s web experience inside a container of past experiences. It risks the discovery of new and exciting ideas. It risks the challenging old ideas and notions. It entrenches the dominant players and makes it even harder for small companies with limited resources to compete for attention. Regardless of the quality of their content.

It’s up to us as content marketers to find ways over, through and around this problem. It’s also up to us to eliminate crap where we can. We start by looking harder at our own content. Everybody has an off day, but we must push ourselves past the good enough barrier. Especially since our clients and bosses don’t always recognize crap when they see it. They depend on us to produce quality for their brand.

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