Building An Effective Landing Page

Landing pages are extremely important to your online advertising strategy. At least they should be.

If your ads are driving traffic to your home page, or an inventory, or even a product page, you’re missing the boat. A well-constructed landing page encourages people who are earlier int their buyer’s journey to give you their contact information. Not ready to buy yet? Here’s some additional information on you can download for just the cost of your name, phone number, and email.

Understanding your buyer and their journey to the final buying decision is an undeniably important element in constructing your landing pages. You have to look at getting what I call, the incremental yes. No, I’m not ready to buy. Yes, I am willing to give you my contact information in exchange for something of value to me at this stage of my decision-making process.

Here’s a little infographic that lays out some of the elements of a great landing page. Originally produced by Bowlerhat.

landing page layout

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