Why Everything You’re Doing is Wrong

Interruption marketing is a 20th-century concept. It’s old school, traditional marketing. Put your ad before or in between what the consumer actually wants. Pole them, and hope you catch them at the right time to buy. Television and radio are perfect examples. We interrupt the programming (what they want) with our message (what 99% of them could care less about), and we do it continuously.Here’s the thing about interruption marketing. It fails. It fails on so many levels. It’s largely not trackable, it doesn’t produce targeted results, and it’s so dependent on content and message that only the very best can rise above the noise and get noticed.That’s a key point. NOTICED. Back in the old days of traditional marketing we vied for space. Bigger ads, longer commercials brought more customers. In the internet age, we vie for attention. Space is no longer the issue.So why in 21st-century marketing are we still interrupting the consumer? Website articles hidden behind pop-ups or spanning a dozen pages are the worst kind of interruption marketing. It drives traffic away from your brand and your website.Stop interrupting your customers. TALK TO THEM!

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