Don’t Use Your Profile as Your Facebook Page

Are you using Facebook to market your business through a personal profile, not a Facebook page? Bad idea.

Facebook-Marketing-for-businesses-in-NigeriaMany small business owners fall into this trap, using their Facebook Profile like a Facebook Page. Don’t fret, it’s an easy mistake to make and an easy one to fix.

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that you must have a Facebook Profile to manage a Facebook Page. Just think of it this way, profiles are people, pages are businesses. Despite what the supreme court might think, businesses are not people.

There are a bunch of advantages you miss out on when you are using your profile and a bunch of problems you are causing (or will eventually cause) for your business presence.

  • There are unlimited connections when you use a page as opposed to a profile. With a profile, you’re limited to a maximum of 5000 friends.
  • There are many marketing features including ads, analytics, and applications that are exclusively reserved for Facebook pages.
  • The Call to Action feature is a huge marketing opportunity only available on a page.

So, creating a Facebook Page for your company is the first basic step in becoming discoverable on Facebook. So you should treat your Facebook page as if it’s a mini-website all on it’s own. Remember, it’s more than that even, it is a community building tool. It is the conversational hub that allows you to connect with both current customers and prospects. it amplifies your conversations and allows you to reach large groups. It also gives you deeper insights into your audience.

Once you have your page built, you should invite your contacts, friends and fans to like the page. Once you’ve passed 25 likes, you’ll be able to use the custom domain feature of your page and change from to something more like Not only is there an obvious branding improvement, but you become instantly more recognizable and memorable as well.

You’ll also need to pass 50 likes before you can start doing boosted posts, one of the easiest to use advertising features on Facebook, and something we’ll cover a little later in this book.

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