Facebook Slideshows Add Capabilitis

Facebook Slideshows Get An Update

Facebook slideshows were introduced last year as a way for small businesses to easily add video units to their marketing mix.Facebook very much wants to be YouTube (Google) and is doing everything possible to give advertisers better tools for creating videos. Now Facebook Slideshows are getting a significant upgrade.

A great idea, and one that I expect them to continue to push hard. So it’s no surprise that Facebook is now introducing new features and capabilities for the slideshows. According to an article in Marketing Land,  Facebook slideshows will introduce the following:

  • Advertisers can add text, select templates and choose colors to create a rich visual experience. Then, they can choose from audio tracks that reflect a range of different themes and will soon be able to upload their own audio tracks.”
  • Advertisers can create Slideshow video “on the go” with Android devices.
  • Facebook Slideshows are now fully integrated with [Facebook’s] stock image database and the Pages Photo Library feature.
  • Advertisers can translate existing video automatically into still image montages for slower connections.

Despite the fact that virtually everyone on the planet now can shoot high-quality video on their phones, many marketers are reluctant to use video units in their advertising mix. Facebook slideshows afford these marketers a way of dressing up their phones and generating video units without whatever hurdles they’ve created for themselves regarding video. Photos generate five times the level of engagement that text status updates do, but a video unit (and I’m including slideshows here) will generate up to fifteen times that level of engagement.

Read the original article here.

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