Facebook Video Mobile First | Shorter is Better

When I talk about Facebook Video in my book, Conversation Marketing, I tout it as one of the absolute best ways to get engagement. There is no reason you can’t be using video to promote your business as well. There is no better way to engage prospects and generate leads than by combining Conversation Marketing techniques with Facebook video ads.

According to some new data released by Facebook, though, how you do your Facebook video is almost more important that what you do in your Facebook video. The average human being is now said to have an attention span of about five seconds. To put that in perspective, scientists believe the average goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. SO it should come as no surprise that Facebook’s own internal analytics show that shorter videos perform better. Not only do they generate more views, they generate higher engagement totals. According to their data, 15-seconds is the optimal length. Videos with longer run times suffer in terms of performance, as do even shorter videos.

So here are a few tips on making your video perform at it’s best:

Facebook’s Video Creative Tips

In light of the above (and other) results, Facebook also updated its video creative considerations. Here they are, for you to remember:

  1. Capture attention quickly. You’ve got 15-seconds, so use it wisely. Use colours, themes and imagery that evoke your brand at the start of your video. Consider starting your video with people shots. People are naturally drawn to look at people. It’s hardwired into us. product shots, Using a recognisable spokesperson combined with action scenes or a vivid background will spark interest.
  2. Frame your visual story. Producing videos for a small screen requires consideration of dimension and scale. Play with zoom, crop, and overall visual composition to make sure that your story is told well on a small screen.
  3. Despite the fact that Facebook is now experimenting with auto-sound videos, design for no sound. As most video adverts in the mobile feed are viewed without sound, it’s important to convey your message visually. Showing captions, logos, and products can help communicate your message, even in silence.
  4. Experiment. Your goal isn’t perfection, it’s to get something done.  There is no bad engagement, even negative comments when properly engaged can help promote your brand. They also make the video seem more authentic. There’s no universal solution to building brands or driving actions with mobile video, so keep experimenting, testing and iterating to learn what works for your brand and audience.
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