Top 3 Dumb-ass Thing You See on Every Marketing Blog


I am consistently annoyed by the fundamental misunderstanding that so many marketing, “gurus,” have of the difference between strategy and tactics. I follow many blogs, plus I follow threads here on Linked In, as well as in a number of Linked In groups. I see the same stupid advice all over the place. So I thought I’d take my shot at clearing things up a bit.

  1. Write Great Headlines. Dumb advice. We all know we need to write great headlines for our articles and blog posts. That’s a strategy everyone can get behind, but what about the tactics. HOW do we write great headlines? This is like telling somebody who wants to win at the Olympics to, “run faster.”

The truth is, nobody can tell you. It’s different for every niche. It’s different for every audience. You’ve got to figure it out for yourself. I can’t write great headlines for you, I can’t even break out the elements of a great headline because I don’t know your market, or your customer.

#2. Create Great Content. No! Really? I thought I’d create crappy content and hope for the best. What the Hell does, “great content,” even mean? I often see it defined as, “Content that engages your customer base.” Yeah. That’s not really helpful either.

My great content is unique to my customer. Your’s must be, too. No one can define the specifics of, “great content,” for you. You have to do that for yourself by understanding the things they are interested in.

I know my customer. I know their education level; their income level; their hobbies and interests. I use this data to target my PPC, TV and radio spots. Why shouldn’t I use that same methodology to create online content?

Create Great Content; that’s a strategy. Alone it’s useless. Understand your customers; that’s a tactic that will lead to success not only for your content marketing but in all your marketing efforts.

#3. Know Your Market (Know Your Audience) Yes, you’re right. I’ve been saying this myself in previous posts in this same series. While it’s absolutely true this is a great bit of STRATEGIC advice. The tactics to understand your audience are multiple. They largely depend on who you are and what your selling. Start with understanding your own value proposition; what makes you special to your customers?

inspirational-quote-know-yourselfTake Apple, for instance. Apple store make on average 17-times per square foot what other stores in the same malls make. Is it the product? Partly, but it’s also the whole Apple Store experience. Apple Stores aren’t selling iPhones, iPads or computers. You can get those plenty of places. They understand WHAT they are selling, and they understand WHO they are selling to. Everything they do is optimized for their customer.

Here is a link to an article describing Apple’s Secret Genius Training Workbook. Notice how they don’t spend a lot of time talking product. The spend a lot of time training on service. Apple knows what they are selling and it isn’t iPads.


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